IFC Split+Merge Bundle

Plugin IFC Split+Merge Bundle
Version 2023   32 / 64 bit
Developer Datacomp IT Sp. z o.o. (datacomp@datacomp.com.pl)
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Price: 90 €
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IFC Tools Bundle

The bundle consists of 2 complementary plugins, which form together an excellent tool for working with IFC models. These are:

  • IFC Split
  • IFC Merge

With IFC Split you can extract parts of the IFC model and export them to a new IFC file.
The IFC Merge enables export of model elements loaded from several files into one common IFC file (merging files).
In both cases, you can work on visible, active or selected elements (when exporting - split or merge them).
You have easy access to the last saved file using the Open last export buttons.

  • Currently you can merge only files with the same units
  • To merge more than 2 files you need to have Multifile module

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