Plugin Artex (artex.dll)
Version 1.2   32 / 64 bit
Developer Tectonos sprl (
The plugin description below has been prepared by its developer
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Artex plugin.
  • Every second it scans files: “File.artex” and “GUID.artex”.
  • “File.artex” contains a path to the IFC file to be loaded.
  • “GUID.artex” contains IFC GUIDs of elements to be selected in BIMvision.
  • When the content of those files changes, the plugin will load an IFC file or/and select elements.
  • When the user opens an IFC file in BIMvision, the plugin saves its path to the file “File.artex”.
  • When the user selects an object in BIMvision, the plugin saves its GUID to the “GUID.artex” file.
  • Every time selection is changed, the plugin saves properties of the first selected element to “Properties.artex” file.

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