Takeoff Reports

Plugin Takeoff Reports (takeoff.dll)
Version 1.2   32 / 64 bit
Developer Datacomp IT Sp. z o.o. (datacomp@datacomp.com.pl)
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The Takeoff Reports plugin allows you to create and export to MS Excel measurements based on model geometry and/or IFC properties.

  • Measurements collected in the Measurements tab can be performed in 3 ways:
  • - Manually - directly from the measurements performed in the main BIMvision window using the MEASUREMENT tab
    - From model geometry (automatically)
    - Based on the properties contained in the IFC file
  • Automatic measurements can be made with the use of 5 options: All, Selected, Active, Visible or with the use of a Custom Selector
  • Measurements can be filtered and grouped according to selected criteria
  • In the View section of the Measurements tab, you can check which objects have been measured and of what type and display their values
  • Measurement results can be exported to an MS Excel file or saved as a separate external file for reuse by the plugin.

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