BIM Quantity Takeoff

Plugin BIM Quantity Takeoff (BIMQuantityTakeoff.dll)
Version 1.5   32 / 64 bit
Developer M.A.D. ENGINEERS sp. z o.o. (
The plugin description below has been prepared by its developer
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Price: 80 €
(VAT not included)

BIM Quantity Takeoff allows you to create quantity reports in Excel format based on the properties contained in the IFC model with the possibility of:
  • Selecting the way of collating elements: by name / by IfcEntity
  • Summing the selected parameter
  • Grouping by Building Storey
  • Grouping the same elements
  • Joining/unjoining properties in one column
  • Renaming elements
  • Adding text descriptions
  • Creating personalized sets of settings

Frequently asked questions:
  • Is the update of the plugin free for customers?
  • Yes, the license includes a free update.
  • What should I do if I have problems with the upgrade to the new version?
  • In case of problems with the upgrade, you must first uninstall the older version of the plugin.

Each customer receives support in the price of the plug in the scope of:
  • Basic plugin support
  • Basic support for IFC files from the following programs: Archicad, Revit, Vectorworks, Allplan, DDS-CAD, Tekla Structures

Plugin versions:
  • Increased the property limit from 4 to 20
  • Added option: display available elements by IfcEntity
  • Added option: skip “Element” column
  • Changed the settings file to editable in a text editor
  • Changed the demo version limit
  • Changed the way of plugin installation (to improve the upgrade)

  • Improved the plugin interface settings for BIMvision language versions other than Polish and English

  • Improved the entry and copying data in the spreadsheet settings
  • Added help
  • Changed the appearance of the user interface
  • Added CodeSign Certificate

Added options:
  • Group/ungroup by Building Storey
  • Group/ungroup the same elements
  • Join/unjoin properties in one column
  • Automatic download of units to the list from the IFC model

Added options:
  • Group/ungroup rows

Demo limitation
The demo version allows you to test the plugin for 14 days.

Examples of use - case studies:
The currently recommended BIMvision version for the plugin:


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