IFC Merge

Plugin IFC Merge (ifc_merge.dll)
Version 1.5.0   32 / 64 bit
Developer Datacomp IT Sp. z o.o. (datacomp@datacomp.com.pl)
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Price: 50 €
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The IFC Merge plugin allows you to export model elements loaded from several files into one IFC file (merging files).

IFC Merge enables:

  • Export of visible elements (visible and active) to a new file
  • Export of active items to a new file
  • Export of selected items to a new file
  • Opening the last exported file in a new BIMvision instance

  • The plugin supports merging of shifted models
  • Currently you can merge only files with the same units
  • To merge more than 2 files you need to have Multifile module

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