IFC Edit

Plugin IFC Edit (ifc_edit.dll)
Version 1.0   32 / 64 bit
Developer Datacomp IT Sp. z o.o. (datacomp@datacomp.com.pl)
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Price: 150 €
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The IFC Edit plugin is used to modify the information contained in an IFC file. You can change or remove available properties, and add new properties and property sets. After making changes, the file can be exported as a new IFC file with changed content.

  • The plugin's ribbon buttons allow you to do the following:
    - Add property set - allows you to add a set of properties to the selected object
    - Export - enables export to a new IFC file with the changes made
    - Open last export - allows you to open the last created file.

  • Additional functions Edit, Add and Remove for individual items of the Property Panel are available in the drop-down menu under the right mouse button.

In the current version (1.0), it is not possible to add a property/property set for multiple elements at once.

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