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Plugin PreFab Plugin (prefab.dll)
Version 1.3.0   32 / 64 bit
Developer SENN AG (
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The PreFab Plugin for BIMVision is an IFC dataworkflow management tool for the prefabrication industry (steel construction, timber construction, precast concrete construction), but can also be adapted for other industries like facade construction etc.

  • The precast industry is a classic "Just in Time Delivery" industry. Therefore, transportation planning (time & date) is the core information to be defined.
  • Each component can be assigned to a specific vehicle ID and the vehicles.
  • The user can create his own standard library for the truck fleet used (max. payload, trailer width, max. piece length etc.).

The plugin is IFC data based and offers the following functions
  • Many simple filter and coloring functions for selecting and grouping components with the option of defining your own filters, which simplify logistics planning
  • Logistics and transport planning including:
    • Transportation planning
    • BOM export to Excel (components with ID, length, width, height and weight per truck, total and residual payload (to avoid fines due to overload...),
    • Excel export with overall overview list of all planned transports
    • The above data can be used for production planning and control, component identification and tracking using barcodes or QR codes, etc.
  • 3D quality control and quality management (via comment / note tool)
  • many possibilities to animate the assembly process (per phase, per truck, per component and a mixture or sequences out of it etc.)
  • Visualization of component status (with MTS plugin by William van der Waal)


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