BIM Asset Management

Plugin BIM Asset Management (bimassetmanagement.dll)
Version 1.1   32 / 64 bit
Developer M.A.D. ENGINEERS sp. z o.o. (
The plugin description below has been prepared by its developer
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Price: 150 €
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BIM Asset Management allows you to add data in the form of user defined attributes (text, number, date) and files (in any format) to selected objects in the BIM model and manage them. The plugin can be used in data management at the stages:
  • Designing – e.g. during information exchange in the design process
  • Construction – e.g. during creating an investment data repository, creating a virtual construction log
  • Exploitation – providing support in the service and maintenance processes

Basic plugin functionalities:
  • Creating a database in a form of ZIP file or folder
  • Possibility of transfer a database between model revisions
  • Adding attributes to elements (limit of 20 attributes)
  • Adding documents to elements
  • Preview elements with added attributes/documents
  • Preview documents in the most popular formats (*.txt, *.pdf, *.png, *.jpg)
  • Adding attributes to documents (tagging, limit of 20 attributes)
  • Labeling elements with added documents
  • Generating attribute/document reports within the program with the possibility of filtering and sorting
  • Displaying reminders of upcoming date (color marking)
  • Preview and edit data from the element level
  • Editing documents in the database from the plug-in level
  • Searching for text information contained in a model and selecting elements

Frequently asked questions:
  • Is the number of added documents limited?
  • The number of documents is not limited, the correctness of the plug-in operation has been tested for 1000 documents.
  • Is the update of the plugin free for customers?
  • Yes, the license includes a free update.
  • What should I do if I have problems with the upgrade to the new version?
  • In case of problems with the upgrade, you must first uninstall the older version of the plug-in.

Plug-in versions:
Added options:
  • Create a database in a form of folder
  • Select elements with assigned attributes or documents from all plugin windows
  • Search for text information contained in a model and select elements
  • Update element names saved in a database
  • Expand / collapse groups in the "Manage element attributes" window
  • Changing a way of selecting items in plug-in windows (deleting the "Select" field)

Demo limitation
The demo version allows you to test the plugin for 30 days.
In the demo version may appear errors caused by the API security built into BIMvision.
It is recommended to back up the BIM Asset Management database before each BIMvision update. Currently recommended BIMvision version:
Write to us if you need a solution tailored to your needs (e.g. QR codes, shared work system).


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