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Plugin IFC Photo (ifc_photo.dll)
Version   64 bit
Developer CADservis, s.r.o. (dobecka@cadservis.com)
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This plugin allows the creation of IFC files containing proxy objects for individual photos taken at the construction site, each linked to the corresponding photo. When you select a placeholder, you can preview the corresponding photo. It utilizes location information contained in the metadata of the photos and places the proxy objects at the coordinates where the photos were taken. For photos that also contain information about the orientation to cardinal points, a placeholder is generated in the shape of an arrow pointing in the appropriate direction. For the plugin to function correctly, it is essential that the photos contain this information. The accuracy of the location, or orientation, of the proxy objects depends on the accuracy of the GPS coordinates and directional information when taking the photographs. Consequently, the plugin is particularly suitable for photos taken outdoors, as using it indoors may result in significant inaccuracies in GPS coordinates.

The help file is available after installing the plugin in the application: FILE --> Help --> Plugin - IFC Photo or under External information link below.

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