PolyExt .OBJ Exporter

Plugin PolyExt .OBJ Exporter (PolyExporter.dll)
Version 1.17   32 / 64 bit
Developer Single Shade (contact@singleshade.com)
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Price: 99 €
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.OBJ format exporter for BIMvision (12/07/2022) - ifc to obj converter
Use BIMvision as an IFC to OBJ converter thanks to PolyExt .OBJ Exporter, Fast and Easy.

This plugin is in active development right now and we will be happy to improve upon user feedback every time it's needed. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, please feel free to report any problem or feature request at contact@singleshade.com

  • Exports / Converts accurately your IFC files to OBJ
  • Automatic material generation per IFC type
  • Automatically merges and optimizes geometry for best performances with 3D engines (per layer, per ifc type, predefined type...)
  • Object filtering capabilities for filtering ifc types, openings, spaces...
  • Compatible with Unity, 3dsMax, Maya, Rhino, and many more...
  • Optimized for realtime applications compatibility (face normals, backface culling...)
  • Exports IFC GUIDs listing as a CSV file

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a customer, will you send me updates for free? Yes, your licence is valid for upcoming updates.
  • Is PolyExt working standalone? No. You need to install for free BIM Vision first, then install the PolyExt plugin.
  • Why is my export in demo mode failing? Demo mode is limited to a max quantity of geometry. You should select a few objects and click : Export Selection. If the demo limit is raised, please restart BIMvision before trying again.
  • Is there a way to see what the plugin can do with full model exports? Yes. Send us a request by email with your IFC file and we'll do a sample conversion for you for evaluation purposes.
  • Are the IFC meta data kept in the conversion process? Some meta data are exported along with the .OBJ file in a CSV file. We extend the list of exported meta data on customer request. Feel free to get in touch if you need anything specific.

About demo limitation
In demo mode you'll be limited to exporting a few selected objects to try the plugin out. If too many objects are selected at once, the plugin will be unloaded and will not work until the next BIMvision restart.

Please feel free to ask if you need a more in depth personalized showcase of the plugin capabilities.

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