Plugin ExportX3D (ExportX3D.dll)
Version 1.0   32 bit
Developer Integrated Facility Management (david@integratedfm.com.au)
The plugin description below has been prepared by its developer
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This plugin exports the current model to an X3D file.

X3D describes the three-dimensional geometry, appearance and attributes of objects in XML (see http://www.web3d.org/x3d/).

X3D can be displayed in web browsers, for example using X3DOM (see https://www.x3dom.org/), and scripting can be used to access and modify it.

The plugin dialog includes checkbox options to determine the X3D content:

  • Include Structure - adds X3D <Group> elements to model the IFC structure.
  • Include Storey element types - adds X3D <Group> elements to model Type nodes under Building storey nodes, as shown in the IFC Structure panel of BIM Vision. It is not available unless Include Structure is selected.
The following options add attributes to X3D <Group> elements if Include Structure is selected, otherwise to <Shape> elements. They are not available if Full X3D Compliance is selected.

  • Include GUID - includes the Guid property of the Element Specific property group as the GUID attribute.
  • Include IfcEntity - includes the IfcEntity property of the Element Specific property group as the ifcEntity attribute.
  • Include Layer - includes the Layer property of the Membership property group as the layer attribute.
  • Include Storey - includes the Storey property of the Location property group as the storey attribute.
  • Include Number - includes the Number property of the Identity Data property group as the number attribute.

  • Include All Properties for selected objects - includes all properties of objects that have been selected in BIM Viewer, as X3D <MetadataSet> elements under their <Group> elements. It is not available unless Include Structure is selected.
  • Full X3D Compliance - restricts options to those that generate X3D that validates using https://savage.nps.edu/X3DValidator.
After selecting options, select Export - and specify a file to receive the X3D. A progress bar is displayed during export.

In demo mode, up to about 100 objects can be exported.

The MSI installer includes both 32-bit and 64-bit plugins (the 64-bit plugin must be unzipped).

This plugin was developed by Integrated Facility Management (IFM) who specialise in FM and GIS software for local government and large organisations in tertiary education, health care and other market sectors, based upon the Cadcorp SIS and Archibus products. IFM has adopted X3D for the display of Building Information Models (BIM) using X3DOM in its SISfm product. In SISfm, JavaScript is used to access the X3D DOM in order to provide features such as layering, colour and label themeing for rooms and their occupants, and item selection to display Archibus database details, as it does for 2D building floor plans, plus BIM properties. See the screenshots, and visit our website for more on IFM and SISfm.


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