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Plugin IDS Checker (ifc_checker.dll)
Version 1.0   32 / 64 bit
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The IDS Checker plugin enables the verification of an IFC file based on the specifications (requirement definitions) defined in the IDS file. Specifications define the properties, attributes of elements and the values they can take. They also describe the relationships between objects and their types or classifications.
For the verification process of an IFC file, an IDS file is required. After verification, a report is generated:
    - Report according to conditions/requirements - contains a list of unmet specifications and names of "incorrect" objects.
    - Report by elements - contains a list of "incorrect" elements and tools to view and filter them.
The report contains information confirming the element's incorrectness against the specification, i.e. type of incorrectness, current value, expected value or its lack.

The tool is very easy to use. All you need is an IDS file and an IFC model to perform the automatic verification.

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