Adv. Clash Detection Bundle

Plugin Adv. Clash Detection Bundle
Version 2023   32 / 64 bit
Developer Datacomp IT Sp. z o.o. (
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Advanced Clash Detection Bundle

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This solution is best for you if you need to check collisions and exchange the comments with other participants of the project. This set of plugins allows you to:
  • identify geometric collisions between elements of one and between elements of several models;
  • perform the initial selection of items that are checked. You can define the elements for which you want to identify collisions (all, active, selected, custom selected, object list);
  • limit the scope of the search by defining Epsilon;
  • focus on collisions of the highest importance for the project, thanks to the Min. volume option;
  • accurately visualize the place of the collision, precisely show the place of intersection of the elements;
  • display several models at the same time
  • merge storeys by global ID, elevation or name
  • unload models
  • add, view and share comments to IFC file (BCF)
  • export list of collision to BCF format

Save the file to *.BVF format which allows you to save all opened IFC files into one file. Opening it again we find everything in one place, all IFC files as well as the applied previously comments. Comments are automatically saved and loaded with IFC model to/from BIMvision File (*.BVF), or they can be manually loaded and saved to an external file - without an IFC model. Currently we support also BIM Collaboration Format (BCF v.2.1).

This bundle contains one license for plugins:
  • Clash Detection
  • Multifile Module
  • IFC Comments
Download and install all in one.

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